Overview of Classes

Four types of classes cater to practitioners of all levels. Each is uniquely designed for you to grow in your practice and focuses on varied health benefits. Here is a quick summary.


Focus: Build a strong practice foundation. Integrate breathing to movement with emphasis on correct breathing and engagement techniques
Consistent Attendance: Attain a leaner body while you rejuvenate, expel toxin, build stamina and improve blood circulation


Focus: Build strength and flexibility. Two 10-15 min segments are dedicated to techniques and alignments so that you can grow and develop your practice
Consistent Attendance: Have healthy joints and organs as well as stronger cardiovascular and immune system


Focus: Integrates your physical practice (gross body) with energy flow (subtle body). Activate and seal your life energies with internal energy locks and breathing techniques. Also emphasis on back bending and twisting.
•  Consistent Attendance: Release stress and muscle tension and promote a healthy spine and heart for overall health and well being. 


Focus: Slow down and relax in a small number of asana. Each pose is held for longer than in conventional classes, sometimes for twenty minutes, so a session may consist of only four to six asanas. The long holding of poses is often assisted with props such as folded blankets, strap, pillow, or blocks, to ensure the is fully supported and so to allow the muscles to relax.
•  Consistent Attendance: Remove energy blockages & improve energy flow at energy junctions (Chakras or Chi channels). Relieves insomnia and chronic health issues.  


Focus: Learn the preset sequence of the Ashtanga system designed by founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Mysore, India for both physical and spiritual benefits.
•  Consistent Attendance: Promotes an increase awareness of body, mind and soul while reaping the benefits of a holistic practice that incorporates the building cardiovascular, flexibility and muscle strengths.

Check out our class Schedule. To know more about our classes, a more detailed description is appended below.

Detailed Class Descriptions


Who Should Attend: Beginners interested to learn the fundamentals of Yoga, and experienced practitioners keen to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Practice your fundamentals with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) and Vinyasa, which are sequential poses in movement. Develop good breath control, and discover the importance of grounding and basics to gain strength and flexibility. Feel the difference as you practice one breath with one movement while maintaining focus on correct engagement and alignment for every pose. Without the integration of breath to movement, Yoga loses its essence and enormous benefits. Get ready for a good sweat and have fun with different challenge or variations weekly. This class is great for newbies yet important for experienced practitioners to perfect their foundation. Surya Namaskara or Vinyasa is very telling of where you stand in your fundamentals.


Who Should Attend: Beginners and for experienced practitioners who would like to build body strength and flexibility.

Yoga brings balance to mind and body and it starts with awareness. This class focuses on postures and alignments so that every pose helps reconnect awareness to your body. Two 10-minute segments dedicated to yoga fundamentals, alignments and techniques to hone your practice and performance of every pose in a conscious, safe and correct manner. These segments reinforce your foundation for flexibility and core strength and prepare you for more advance poses. Consistent attendance helps you improve your practice to build a stronger physique while maintaining an agile body.


Who Should Attend: Those with some experience in Yoga but interested in a more holistic Yoga practice for overall mind-body wellness

This class incorporates additional dimensions of Yoga to promote health for the subtle body. Practice internal energy locks (Bandhas) and Yoga hand gestures (Mudras) in channeling and sealing your life energies (Pranas). How healthy you are depends on your internal life energies, which may be diminished due to incorrect breathing, stress and ageing. Kriyas are breathing exercises that promote a healthy respiratory system and improve your digestive system. Work on back bends and twisting to push the edge of good breath control with increased bodily awareness. Great for detox and a healthy spine. Pranayama (rhythmic breath control), an important aspect of Yoga, is also incorporated as proper breathing is the gateway to experiencing inner peace and bliss. Experience total mind-body balance as you leave your mat.


Who Should Attend: Beginners and for experienced practitioners who would like to increase awareness of body, mind and soul.

Unlike other systems of Yoga where classes are instructor-led, Ashtanga classes are Mysore style self-practice where Yoga instructors only provide adjustments and guidance on correct gaze, alignment and breathing techniques. This is an instructor-led class to prepare students for Mysore style class with memorized preset sequence under the Ashtanga system designed by founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Mysore, India.

With Mysore style, practitioners can access the spiritual and physical benefits of Yoga in a very personalized way. The Ashtanga system promotes an increase awareness of body, mind and soul while reaping the benefits of a holistic practice that incorporates the building of cardiovascular, flexibility and muscle strengths