What to expect from Yoga

Originated from India, Yoga is an ancient science for healthy living. Yoga, in Sanskrit, means the union of mind, body and breath (or soul).

Yoga has enormous benefits as its way to good health is overall mind and body wellness. Its best testament is via direct experience.

At the physical level, Yoga helps eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation, promote a
healthy respiratory and cardiovascular system while building an agile, strong, and healthy physique for everyone regardless of age.

Mentally, Yoga creates a strong and clear mind by releasing stress in the body and the nervous system. It also trains the mind to stay focused and calm.

At the most fundamental level, Yoga teaches you how to breathe properly, which is vital for the body to operate in its optimum healthy and intelligent state. When the body is healthy, the mind becomes clear and you experience health and overall well being.

There is a popular quote, “You learn Yoga not to be better at Yoga. You learn Yoga to be better at Living.

What to expect from OMsphere

In Yoga, one must trust the process as there is no shortcut to a strong foundation. Mastering basic poses has its own strength and merits in paving the way for more challenging poses. Moving to advance poses will come when you are ready.

To grow and to truly enjoy a good Yoga practice, acquire strong fundamentals. And that is what you can expect from Omsphere!

For an experienced practitioner struggling with strength or flexibility, learn the right techniques, be consistent in practice, and do sufficient preparatory poses. Compared with other form of exercises, Yoga is all about correct breathing, the right techniques and anatomical alignments. It is never sheer forcing.

Once you embrace Yoga in its true essence, Yoga becomes inspiring and fun. You will have a different experience depending on your state of mind or body each time. Awareness of your mind and body grows with every Yoga practice.

You can also learn other dimensions of Yoga for a holistic experience. For instance, learn to activate your bodily life energies (Pranas) and seal your life energies (Bandhas). Expose yourself to a holistic practice and understanding of this ancient body science, which also includes breathing techniques for cleansing (Kriyas) and breath concentration for mind-body balance (Pranayama).

At OMsphere, classes are carefully crafted with different designs and objectives for you to learn and enjoy Yoga. Through Yoga, OMsphere hopes to bring health and well being to everyone.

Our principal teacher is Yoga Alliance (RYT500) certified under the tutelage of Yogacharya Bharath Shetty, Mysore, India.


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